Mirasol School

11500 Jog Road
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33418
Phone: 561-775-2121

Our School Mission

At Mirasol School our goal is to support children in their active exploration and to help them become self-confident, independent and inquisitive learners. We teach the children to understand their world by investigating and observing their environment. We help your child develop good habits and a positive attitude. With this approach your child will become an enthusiastic learner – a trait that will lead to success not only through their educational career but throughout their life.

Our Philosophy

At Mirasol School our goal is to attract and retain the most talented, creative, and nurturing teachers who will encourage your child to develop socially and intellectually through exploration and structured play. Our teachers promote self-esteem, independence and problem solving by providing support, stimulation, and affection. We believe that your child will thrive in an environment that incorporates routine, structure and consistency. Our teachers follow a schedule that incorporates carefully planned small group activities and periods of outdoor play. We believe that family and community participation will enrich your child’s experience at Mirasol School and we plan activities throughout the year to encourage involvement.

Our School