Mirasol School

11500 Jog Road
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33418
Phone: 561-775-2121


Mirasol School

The Mirasol School was founded in 2007 and joined the Bluffs School in sharing the educational growth of preschool children since 1993. Our two schools began as a vision of providing a school in a community designed to encourage each child to reach his or her personal best.

The Attilio inspired curriculum name was derived from the vision and teachings of an Italian immigrant, Attilio DiVosta, whose life and work in the US involved many areas of interest. Whatever he did, he strove to be the best, always believing that there are many ways to do a job and each way has its unique benefits.

This philosophy we take to the heart, believing there are many different techniques and programs to help educate and excite children about learning. The Attilio Learning Philosophy develops the whole child. We believe that through a strong mind, body and spirit, all children can succeed.

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